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I have many opinions.  Strong opinions.  One of the strongest is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not endowed with the right to force that opinion upon others.  So I listen, I ponder, I make conjectures and formulate opinions about things as varied as the existence of God to why evolution leads to smart people in the end.  And I write essays about what I think.  I do not write essays in an attempt to sway others to my point of view, only to present the ideas that have been living in my head.  Got to make room in there for new stuff, after all.  These essays are not meant to provoke debate, they do not exist as an invitation to open discussion.  You have your opinions, I have mine.  Certainly, I won't object to your input, so long as your reasoning is valid and you approach the subject matter in the same manner as I do.  Question Everything.  Especially yourself and what you think you believe.

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