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I graduated from York Technical College in 2010 with an Applied Science Diploma majoring in Teleproduction Technology.  That means I was taught how to make television!  Since then, I've worked steadily in the television field, producing sports for the local cable company as well as producing various other entertainment shows either on my own or as part of other production teams.  My passion is, and always will be, telling stories.  Film and Television are mediums other than the written word in which I want to share new and wonderful stories with the world.

As part of that, recently I've teamed up with Ricky Teal of Sparrow Ranch Productions.  We produced a pilot television show called "Sparrow Ranch on the Island," and it was nominated for Best Television Show and Best TV Host at the 2018 International Christian Film Festival!  We are also working on a full-length feature film called "Zipporah," about a young girl, a refugee from the Middle East, who is surrounded by a mystery involving an old violin that can be traced back to the Holocaust.  I know that's not a lot to go on about the movie just yet, but you can watch the trailer below as well as an interview with Michayla Torales, the seven year old girl playing the part of Zipporah.  Check back in here for more updates!


Lastly, here are a couple of student films from back when I was in school.  The first was a collaboration with three of my fellow students, and the other was my official student film.  Thanks for watching!