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"We are all dreamers, are we not?" the old crone said with a voice like dry leaves.  She turned from the fire to face the young hero, a gleam in her milky eyes.  "What have we to live for if not our dreams?  The taste of a life beyond life, the chance to be someone else?"

"Is it not enough to simply be ourselves?" the hero asked.  "Why must we strive beyond ourselves?  We should be content with our lot, and we should not attempt to imagine what other lives we could have lived had we only been born in a different world.  Do you not agree?"

The crone laughed.  "No," she said.  Then, as an after thought, she added, "Let me tell you a story."

And the battle was joined...

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What if magic was real?

Not the magic of tribal shaman, Indian mystics, Wiccan witches, nor even the legerdemain of telephone psychics, but real honest-to-goodness magic. The Christian Bible is full of references to real magic, from Moses to a pantheon of Angels and demons, Powers which walk the Earth and skulk in shadows, the mythos of the supernatural.

And demons.

The Biblical demon, the Legion, was only banished, its diabolical power only diminished, when it was confronted with the Son of God.What if it came back? Returning to Earth after almost 2000 years, the demon has a mission: to open a gateway to Hell, shift the infernal balance of power, and trigger an Armageddon which makes Revelations pale in comparison.

Standing against the demon is an ancient order of sorcerers and warriors, descended from the Angels themselves. But the demon, able to possess more than a thousand people simultaneously, may prove too powerful for even them, and the world's fate will rest on the shoulders of a seventeen year old girl warrior-in-training, and the mysterious powers of her equally enigmatic boyfriend.



The saga of the Eternal War continues! Heroes Chris and Fran, Sorcerer and Warrior respectively, have broken away from the repressive clan structure of the Order, taking on all of the Order’s castoffs: female warriors and sorcerers of wild magic.

The Order, once the enemy, comes to them with an offer of peace. If Chris and Fran can take care of a little problem for them, then the Order will officially sanction their efforts. All they have to do is take care of the ghost of a witch in a sleepy Irish fishing village.

Only nothing is as it seems. The ghost is no ghost at all, but a malevolent and ancient spirit imprisoned by the angels. She’s breaking free, and once she’s loose, Chris and Fran will have to lay their lives on the line to contain her again.

For she is no ordinary spirit, she is a bride of Samael and granddaughter of Lilith, and she is determined to wreak her vengeance on the pillars of Creation itself.



What if you grew up never knowing who you really are?   It’s not that hard to imagine. A woman marries a man she barely knows, but thinks she loves. A child is born. The marriage fails. And the father fades into memory, leaving the child to be raised by the mother and her new husband.   

Imagine the story of a man who has grown to adulthood, with a family of his own, never knowing his heritage or what legacy he might belong to.  And when, at last, he finds out, it is far more unreal than any imagining could be.   

Here, the main character is a man named Jacob. He is, by his own account, a simple, humble man. Ordinary.  And then one day a sister he’s never known calls him, launching him down a crooked path to adventure, self-discovery, and the terrifying realization that he is anything but ordinary.  He is the Daikan.  And what that means will make the difference between Earth’s salvation...    

...or its ultimate destruction.     

This is a science-fiction novel about the culmination of ten thousand years of alien genetic manipulation, of a galactic war which has raged for millions of years, and of the ultimate destiny and purpose of mankind.  Where did we come from? What is our purpose here?  As Jacob discovers, biogenetically modified people have become a subset of humanity, secretly bred for combat prowess and psionic ability.    

Pitted against immortal aliens with god-like power, they are in desperate need of a champion, a person in whom the genetic strains have reached their peak and produced the ultimate weapon.  Jacob is that weapon.  And he must   learn to embrace his destiny in order to discover his true potential, to be the salvation of mankind.



Rosita Sanchez is a married woman who hasn’t lived with her gangster husband for years.  She has a young special-needs son fathered by the only true love of her life, the man who took her in off the streets when neither her husband or her family wanted her anymore.  She has a house in the suburbs where she’s a respected member of the community.  And she is the deadliest, most proficient assassin the criminal underworld has ever known.

Balancing her dual life hasn’t been easy.  Nor was it easy for Sean, the man who fathered her child and taught her the way of the gun, starting her down the path that would turn her into the elite killer known as Belladonna.  He fell in love with the petite Latina he nursed back to health after she nearly died on the streets, and he planned to retire in order to spend the rest of his life with her.  But he didn’t survive his last day on the job.  Now, it’s Rose’s turn to retire.  She has all the money she’ll ever need, and she wants to put the life of a paid assassin behind her, to embrace her alternate life as a single mother raising her child in a normal world.  For some people, such a destiny was never meant to be.

This is the story of Rose’s last day as Belladonna.  It begins with what was supposed to be her last kill, a hit that goes very, very wrong, setting the stage for a day that will test her strength, her skill, and her iron will.  Pursued by mercenaries, confronted at every turn with surprises as the mysteries of her life unravel, and forced by her nature to help the weak each time she encounters them, Rose will spend her last day as Belladonna setting things right, tying up loose ends, and learning that there is no escape from the person she was always meant to be.

Even if it kills her.