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Short Stories

Deciding what genre my writing falls into is tricky.  Think about Star Wars.  Is it science fiction?  Actually, it could as easily be called fantasy.  The spaceships, blasters, and aliens are all decorations, not the definition of the genre.  Science Fiction should be based upon scientific knowledge, either fact or theory, so some of what I've labeled SF here might actually be Fantasy instead.  I tend to write much more fantasy than anything else, just so you know.  You should also know that "Fantasy" does not always refer to tales about barbarians, fairies, magic, or medieval times.  So whatever genre you think these stories should be labeled as, enjoy them for what they are.  Flights of imagination and tales of wonder.  At least, I like to think so.

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shades of night small.jpg

Shades of Night is a fantasy short story collection comprising six retellings of classic fairy tales and children’s stories reinterpreted for adults in the modern age. This work also includes an original essay about the nature of myth and the basic human need for storytelling.

The first tale, “Music Hath Charms,” is a sequel to the tale of the Pied Piper in which a not-so-pleasant fate is in store for the children of the Piper’s next victims unless a young couple can learn to combine their magic and fight this ancient enemy.

In “The Last House,” the story of the Three Little Pigs is re-envisioned as a vampire tale. “Shadow of the Wolf” shows us a very different Red Riding Hood as she interacts with government agents and werewolves. Sleeping Beauty is retold in “The Stone Spirit” where the magically comatose princess finds rescue at the hands of a bespectacled archeologist.

The novella, “Bone Deep,” posits that there can be a beast inside every beauty, and loveliness inside even those who think themselves inhuman. And in the eponymous “Shades of Night,” Snow White is reinvented as a feisty young princess who is more than willing to use the world of fairies to retake her father’s usurped throne.



Unicorn Dreams small.jpg

Magic is the art of making sense out of the incomprehensible.  It is a way of explaining forces of nature which have not yet been uncovered or defined by science and rational thinking.  Ghosts, dragons, witches, werewolves, demons, and all the things which haunt the corners of our dreams are not figments of our imaginations.  If it can be dreamt, it can exist.

Herein lie fifteen tales of magic in all its forms, bridging the gamut from peaceful dragons fighting to exist to the unexpected protectors from the zombie apocalypse.  Swords, spells, possession, epic quests, wandering spirits, and ancient gods haunt these pages.  Life is a journey whose destination is made more joyful by being unexpected.  Embrace the magic, and live the Unicorn's Dream.



Black Sun small.jpg

Coming Soon!  Fourteen tales of Science Fiction that take you from worlds of aliens, time travel, monsters, war in space, existence in a digital realm, and the the edge of the universe!  What happens when our robot servants become more human than us?  Where do you put super soldiers when the war is over?  Where is evolution taking us?  What really happened to the dinosaurs?  Find out the answers to all of these questions and more.

This collection is expected to be published in July of 2018!